Loop Podcast #1 - And so it begins...



Note: This podcast was originally recorded at the end of October 2020. Although we’ve made some pivots since then, we decided to publish this to document the journey.

(00:50) - We open with our original vision for our first Loop product. We may have pivoted (probably…ok, definitely) since then.

(04:38) - We talk about why we started Loop Community and what we want it to do for our community members.

(17:42) - How starting a company working remotely is going, our dogs, and what we are learning.

(23:40) - We talk about a recent pivot in our business, the value of delivering a lot of value up front, and why talking to customer must be the priority.

(28:50) - Why are we doing a blog and podcast? What do we hope our audience is going to get from the content.

(30:00) - Storytelling and why it’s a skill you need to have.

(35:46) - Why your MVP is too big.